Lindsay Stockley – Creative Director

Lindsay is a connoisseur of circus and the spectacular and is delighted by any performance and art that is visual and physical. She is interested in the process of bringing a show to fruition and seeing an audience inspired by the collaborative energies and talents that have made it happen. As well as working for many years in production management and producing, Lindsay also has a background in dance, circus and fine art and holds an MA in Cultural Policy and Management from City University London.

Rachel Cohen – Creative Director

Rachel is interested in the theatrical and interactive worlds we create. She loves to spread laughter through engaging performance and push social issues through playful interactions. Rachel has worked as an events producer for many years but more recently trained at the physical theatre school LISPA and often performs in Sideways’ productions.

Sophie Postlethwaite – Associate

Sophie was born with a ukulele in one hand and a leatherman in the other. Wielding these tools she has made her way as a performer, producer, maker and stage manager of circus and theatre. Always reveling in a new challenge and seeking out variety in her work.